Mud Creek Outdoors Carp Classic 2018 April 6-8

Store Stuff


We are officially open for business and have many new products coming in daily! The Bowfishing isle here in the store is packed with some of the best gear you can get from reputable brands like Muzzy, AMS, Innerloc, Cajun, and so many more! We also have some awesome new Mud Creek Outdoors apparel in from NDesigns be sure to check that out too!


Its the first week of March and we now have Bows in from Oneida, AMS Bowfishing, and Cajun Archery. We will be getting RPM bows in next week and will soon have Mathews and Bowtech hunting/tournament bows in! Our new Mud Creek Outdoors Bullwire Bowfishing Line is a big hit we offer it in Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Lime Green! We also started our YouTube Channel which is Mud Creek Outdoors. We will be uploading videos every week with products, tips, and impact shots! Be sure to subscribe and also check the blog every few days for updates!

March 13th:

Our new YouTube video is up go check it out and Subscribe!

We also have lots of new bows in from Mathews, Bowtech, and Diamond!


In the first week of April we are geared up for the spawn with everything you need! We have the best bowfishing gear from all of the best companies readily available on our website. Our Bullwire is a hot seller right now due to the fact that those who use it have great results. Grab a spool today and give it a try! We also have a new shipment of RPM Nitros coming in very soon so call and get your name on the waiting list if you're interested! 256-776-9109. Our last shipment lasted 3 days. Our store catalog will be online in 2 weeks and shipping out as well contact us about getting your name on the mailing list!


We have the best bowfishing equipment around coming in everyday. Our Diamond Edge Sonars are a top seller for us lately along side our Oneida Ospreys. We have also completed our store catalog that has all of our products in it! Those catalogs will be shipping out by the end of June!