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Bowfishing Update


Warm temperatures early in the year are causing lots of fish to be up right now. On the Tennessee River Common Carp are up in large numbers extremely shallow hinting that a spawn is not far away if water temperature doesn't drastically drop within the next 3 weeks. Most are being found on Mud Bottoms with old vegetation and congregated in larger tree tops that have fallen in the water providing them with cover. Buffalo are heading in to the creeks to spawn and pushing to shallower water as well. Some warm pockets are holding a lot of Gar on Guntersville and Wheeler, but for the most part they aren't up heavy yet. Drum are everywhere there have been some giants shot this year. Any gravel bottoms 1-4 feet deep are holding them in large numbers. Now is a great time to be on the river at night having 70 degree days in February! Come by Mud Creek Outdoors and get your gear and do some Bowfishing!


The weather has broken off a little bit cooler causing some of the fish to not be out as much as they were the last week of February. The last week of February some Common Carp were actually begging to spawn in Flooded Fields and places where they could get the right temperature! As of March 9th the Largemouth Buffalo and Common Carp began to spawn and spawned in 1-3 feet of water until March 12th. Fish can still be found in shallow areas and flooded fields with lots of structure and vegetation. The areas that are the warmest right now are holding the most fish.


The Carp, Buffalo, and Gar are spawning like crazy as of April 7th. Any shallow areas with weed beds or vegetation have fish spawning in them. Also places that have new water from rising water levels have a large number of fish spawning. The Common Carp and Buffalo can be heard splashing from far away if the wind is calm. The spotted Gar are in the shallows everywhere, but the Longnose Gar are everywhere that has current or gravel bottom. They will be found in the current balled up with 1 female and 4-5 males around her. Similar habits are going on at the same time with all species of the Sucker family. Small creeks and rivers with gravel bars are loaded right now. This is the time of year to get large fish numbers so get after them! We have all the gear you need here at Mud Creek Outdoors!


All of our grass and vegetation has been coming up everywhere here on the TN River! Fish have been plentiful the past two months for size and numbers. The only thing that has been hurting the fishing is rain causing muddy water, but its been possible to find clear water. Grass Carp are coming up now as well it is a great time of year to get on some nice Buffalo and Grass Carp anywhere that there is new grass growth!