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Mud Creek Outdoors Carp Classic Bowfishing Tournament

  The Mud Creek Outdoors Carp Classic Bowfishing Tournament was April 6-8, 2018. We had176 individuals participate and endure some tough weather conditions. On Friday we cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for all the participates and then had our drawing for prizes. We would like to thank Muzzy Bowfishing, AMS Bowfishing, RPM Bowfishing, Gargod MFG, Cajun Bowfishing, Bowfishing Association of America, Quickdraw Outdoor Gear, Oneida Bows, Shirt Guys, TJE Designs and Shureshot for their donations.

  That nights tournament was windy and rained all night. Everyone braved the conditions and made the most of it. At the 10 pm weigh in Brendon Phillips came out on top with a common weighing 26.70# with Tyler Willman close behind with a 24.70# and Nathan Hefner taking third with a 23.60#. The next weigh in we didn't have as many people show up. At the 1am weigh in we had Shane Springer take the hour with 22.00# followed by his good friend Ryan Allen with 21.80#. Deagan Phillips weighed in a 19.30# fish to take 3rd. The 4am weigh in featured one of the largest weigh ins and put up the numbers that we thought wouldn't and couldn't be beat. Matt Rigsby was holding the top spot with 34.30# and Jake Jones had 32.30# for 2nd until Jerry Broadnax came in last minute with a whopping 36.70# fish to take the 4am hour. The last weigh in at 7am produced the same kind of excitement as the 4am with teammates Jerry Broadnax 32.60#, Brian Ellenburg 31.20# and Greg Campbell 30.30# sweeping the 7am weigh in. Those Georgia boys proud their game on Friday night despite the weather conditions.

  Saturday night was much the same as Friday as weather conditions played a big role in the night. The temperatures plunged into the upper 20's and low 30's and we had to deal with sleet and snow. Some teams packed it up up and decided not to shoot while others headed out in the cold and rough water conditions as most lakes were white capping all night. Due to the weather conditions the weights were a little down for the last night and so was the number of participates. At the 10pm weigh in we had Micheal Adkins take 1st with 23.00# and Grant Belk 1/2 oz behind with 22.50# and Ryan Weaver took 3rd with 20.70#. At 1am we had Andrew Goza take 1st with 23.20#. That made him feel better after falling out of the boat thee night before. Tyler Collins finished 2nd with 21.90# and right on his heels was Ben Crosby with a 21.80# fish. The 4am weigh in wasn't as exciting and wild as the night before but the guys made the most of what they had. Zach Porterfield brought in a 25.60# common and brought in a 51.50# buff. The common put him in first for that hour and his buff ended up hiolding out to take the biggest buff of the tournament. The Georgia boys weren't to be out done though as Brian Ellenburg brought in another fish that weighed 23.40# to take 2nd. Robbie Wolaver surveyed everything that was happening and at the last second weighed in and took 3rd with 22.70#. Our last weigh in at 7am proved to be the best. Brian Ellenburg 32.90# and Jeremy Bryant 31.70# were sitting on top with only a few minutes left thinking they had took the top two places in the last weigh in when out of nowhere Brigham Watson put a huge fish on the scales. Not only did it take the hour but it turned out to take the overall top spot in the whole tournament. It weighed in at a whopping 38.70#. 

Top Overall

1st- Brigham Watson $6,045

2nd- Jerry Broadnax $4,030

3rd- Matt Rigsby $3,020

4th- Brian Ellenburg $2,182

5th- Jerry Broadnax $1,511

Big Buff- Zach Porterfield $750

Big Grass carp- Trey Bullock $750

Womens- Jordan Jones $250

Kids- Makayla Martin $250