We will be Closed Nov. 14th-Dec. 2! All orders will during that time will be processed starting Dec. 3rd


Our first Mud Creek Outdoors Bowfishing tournament was the 18th, and we had a solid turnout with twenty-seven boats between the Open Class and Sportsman's Class. For those that don't know the Sportsman's Class is reserved for vessels powered by means of a trolling motor, push pole, paddle, etc. while the Open Class holds the kicker boats, fan boats, mud motor boats, and airboats! Come see us in the store and also at our next tournament which will be leaving out of Ingles Harbor in Decatur, Alabama on March the 18th. Watch our blog for updates on things going on in the store!

Our upcoming tournament this weekend is going to be out of Ingles Harbor in Decatur on the West Lakes! This tournament is going to be a Big 5 with a limit of one Grass Carp. We hope to have a big turnout this weekend at the shoot and will also have some things for sale before blast off for those that need to stock up on some last minute gear!


Our last tournament was a memorial tournament for the family of Matthew Barnett. We had a good turnout and raised a lot of money for the family. It was a great event that we appreciate everyone helping out on. Our next tournament will be April 15th and it is the Bank/Wading Tournament. We will have a flyer up for it on April the 10th.


May 27th we had our big 20 tournament. Weather conditions could not have been any worse, and most teams were forced off of the water before midnight. Some teams were still able to pull out some nice fish and take home some cash.


June 17th we had our second west lakes shoot! Conditions were perfect and we had a nice turn out. We also had some big fish brought in including a 50.3lb grass carp out of the sportsman's that won big fish! Our next tournament will be the Gar Numbers shoot in July we hope to see everyone there!