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Azuma Crank Z – Claude Hopper

Profound Outdoors

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The Azuma Crank Z – Claude Hopper dives 6′-9′ and is a floating crank bait designed for just the perfect situation when those fish that are residing in just a little deeper water that a sqauare bill will not reach. It still has the same qualities and components as the square bill and the size and weight of these lures are the same as the square bill. The wider head design allows the bait to be retrieved through the thickest of cover at just a little deeper depth, yet because of the bait being lighter than most, it allows the bait to slowly float upward and away from the cover before hanging, giving your quarry a natural presentation. By gently sneaking it’s way through the cover, it presents an action that ole bucket mouth can’t resist. As in all Azuma Baits, it is available in “Flat Matte” and Natural Scale patterns and in colors designed and selected by our Pro Staff.